[Tips & Tutorial] How To Unlock Hidden Features Of WhatsApp Before It Goes For Public

Hi Folks,

In this guide I am going to write the steps of a trick that unlocks Hidden featues of WhatsApp. As you know WhatsApp is a very popular messenger all over the world and it gives you some new features day to day. They release the Stable version of the app for all users as well as Beta version of the app for some beta testers who joined the WhatsApp beta program. You might be a beta tester and if you are not then you can join easily, what you need to do is just click here and you will be redirected to the WhatsApp's beta testing program joining page.
Let me explain something to you, WhatsApp Beta version app contains all the new features but they are hidden or disabled by default. It can only be enabled by some snippet of codes and only WhatsApp developers who actually oppointed to test the build know the codes to enable the hidden features. So, all the Beta testers not get these hidden features untill the developers enabled these features for beta testers. So basically WhatsApp development hierarchy is like
1. WhatsApp official developers (oppointed by whatsapp) test the build first
2. Then it goes for Beta testers around the world
3. And finally it releases for Public the Stable version

[Tutorial Video]

Now I am goint to tell you the trick to become WhatsApp developer (Not the official one :D ), what you need is just download the WA Tweaks app which contains codes to enable the hidden features and most important thing your device must be a ROOTED device. So keep calm and read the steps carefully.

Step 1. Root your device first
Step 2. Take part in WhatsApp Beta Program and update your Stable version app to Beta version from play store

Step 3. Download and Install the WA Tweaks app on your device and give root access to the WA Tweaks app.

Step 4. Open the WA Tweaks app and Enable all the options (features)

Step 5. Force stop the WhatsApp (Settings->Installed Apps->WhatsApp->Force stop)

Step 6. Finally open the WhatsApp and you will see the Changes. All Done!


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