How to Post Long Video Status (more than 30 sec.) in WhatsApp

Hey guys good news for all, I found a new trick to post long video status in whatsapp and for this you don't need to root your phone. After long research I found an app called WhatsCut Pro that allows you to upload long videos in your whatsapp status. Before we jump into this tutorial let's first talk about some problems that you might had faced. So when you want to post a video which is more than 30 sec. what will you do? The answer is simple you just send the whole video in several parts and in doing this you have to waste your lots of time to adjust the next clip to upload. So what if this whole process becomes automatic for you? Excited? Now you are ready to jump into this tutrial.

Video Tutorial

Step 1. Download WhatsCut Pro from Google Play Store or simply just Click Here
Step 2. Open WhatsCut Pro and you will see all the videos available in your phone. Now select any video you want to set as your whatsapp status.

 Step 3. After selecting the video an editor will open in which you can trim the video or leave it as if you want to upload full video and then press the send button.
 Step 4. Now after processing the video the app will take you directly to WhatsApp where you have to tap on 'My Status' option and press the 'Check' button at the bottom.

 Step 5. Now you will see some video clips at bottom these clips are the serially arranged 30 sec. parts of you full video clip.
Basically this app cut the video into several parts of 30 sec. and arrange them serially so you don't have do it manually. Now you have to simply press the send button and done.
All the parts will upload one after another and the person who will see your status can see the full video.

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