Wednesday, 10 May 2017

How to Post a Long Video in WhatsApp Status

Hi Folks,

Today I am going to tell you a very usefull trick that blow your mind. As you know you cannot post a video more than 30 seconds in your whatsapp status and if you want to post a long video whatsapp trim it to 30 seconds. So in this thread you will find a way to fix it and you will be then able to post a long video more than 30 seconds in your whatsapp status.

I am not telling you to post a full movie but atleast like 4 or 5 minutes video to post in your whatsapp status. So let's get started :-

Note: This trick only works for Phones with ROOT permissions. ROOT is must to use this trick

Step 1. Download and Install WA Tweaks

Step 2. Open WA Tweaks and go to its Menu
Step 3. Select "WhatsApp Tweaks" option from the Menu
Step 4. Put check on the 4th Checkbox "Bypass 30'' video limit for status" and press the "SAVE" button

Step 5. Go to Phone Settings -> Installed Apps and Browse WhatsApp and Force Stop it so the changes will take effect and apply successfully.

Step 6. Go to Gallery or Mx Player or File Manager or Browse videos from whatsapp itself and try to post it in your whatsapp status.

Done! You will see that there is no limit as earlier and you can post full length video.

Hope you liked it. Enjoy!